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We are a passionate security solutions provider and supply services such as:


PHP Security Northwest offers effective and professional guarding as your first barrier against crime and corruption. We recruit, train and supply well trained, accredited and professional guards for:

  • Access Control
  • Car Parks
  • Warehousing (stock checkers/receiving & dispatch)

Our trained officers will do the research and surveys to find the best qualified, most reliable and apt provider in the area for our client needs and requirements.

Our team of highly qualified staff conduct investigations for incidents such as armed robbery, hijacking, theft, break-ins and all forms of fraud. Let us assist you to find the culprits and make sure the perpetrators or dealt with speedily.
PHP forensic professionals will analyse, interpret, summarise and present findings on incidents in and around the workplace by assessing the scene and interviewing role players.

Safeguarding of your staff and assets is a priority for PHP Security Northwest. We offer you the best advise and service providers for:

  • CCTV Planning, Installations and Management
  • Number plate recognition (SNIPR)
  • Video analytics
  • Network integrated intruder/access/CCTV systems
  • Fully Managed Access Control
  • Biometric control and management
  • VisitorManagementSystems(Residential/Corporates)
  • Alarms, Beams and other home/business security equipment
We offer professional and experienced security personnel for important clients, governments and VVIP guests. Our CPO’s are trained in VIP protection, Operation Driving, Body Guarding and offer your guests peace of mind whilst under your care.
Background checks are often requested by clients on job candidates for employment screening. A background check typically includes :

  • Past employment verification
  • Credit History
  • Criminal History

It is important in certain positions that require high security or positions of trust that the candidates character and fitness can be judged and also to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.

K9’s :

PHP Security Northwest makes use of an accredited K-9 breeder and training facility that complies with all the requirements as set out by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).  The facility is also a Safety and Security SETA (SASSETA) accredited Dog and Handler Training Centre to the highest level (DH-5) and an accredited Security Dog Supplier.  All dogs supplied comply and are certified according to the PSIRA Act.


PHP Security Northwest provides professional polygraph and integrity assessment services. Our examiners have bene training in terms of internationally acceptable standards and our polygraphists are bound by a strict code of ethics. Our team is well trained and experienced and continually kept up to date with the latest developments in the field.


PHP Security Northwest provides a bespoke remote monitoring and surveillance solution. We professionally manage and protect your people and your products. The services offered include :

  • Timeous guaranteed response to all CCTV, Access Control and Security System alarms
  • Tailor-made On site resources as required for business needs or risk exposure
  • Prevention of criminal activity and improved detection rates
  • Frontline care of staff, contractors and visitors
  • Compliance to Safety & Security requirements
  • Detailed and regular reporting

Industry Leaders in Security Services

PHP works hand in hand with our clients. Security is a Partnership.